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Octopus Energy selecciona Social Media Specialist

We’re looking for someone to oversee our comms and social media. The role is half being an omniscient support to the community of customers, energy geeks and more who talk to and about us on social media. And half, creating brilliant and original content informed by your unique insight into our customers.


  • We need someone who’s a bit T shaped. You’ll have some specific social media genius, but more importantly, you’ll be a jack of all trades who doesn’t mind picking up a little bit of everything and learning how to do it as you go.
  • You’ll be able to make your peace with creating things quick and dirty, free from carefully contrived content pillars, post schedules and social strategies. We like agility over perfection because it means we can share cool stuff with our customers faster, and learn from it and adapt as we go.
  • This will help you make all sorts of content from short videos to blogs, quippy quote tweets to competitions, across a variety of platforms. You’ll have excellent writing skills, some practical experience creating posts across major social media platforms and ideally some video creation and editing skills. But even more importantly; you have a deep understanding of people, how they think and how they engage with social media.


  • A customer-obsessed social media lurker
  • Someone who gets people, and how they engage with social media
  • Adaptable and happy to take a crack at just about anything
  • Happiest working ‘quick and dirty’ without a lot of rigorous planning and scheduling
  • Genuinely passionate about making a big green dent in the universe

Para más información sobre la oferta de empleo, consultad en la página de Linkedin.

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