Techart Worlds busca un Marketing Manager

Techart Worlds busca un Marketing Manager. La empresa es de no está en Murcia pero el puesto se ofrece con la opción de teletrabajo y se puede a optar a ella desde Región de Murcia.

Responsibilities and associated tasks:

  • Establish functional Sales Pipeline: Lead generation and involved automation (Brevo, Mailchimp, GAds,…): This is the most critical aspect of the project and involves converting visitors to customers (AIDA matrix). It implies revisiting our current strategy and resume from there.
  • Marketing Strategy: Strategy validation and maintenance, Retrieve or ask other departments for required statistics, summarize them in an on-point, digestible, high-level summary for effective decision making side by side with the CEO. In other words KPI High-level website performance and traffic-generation conclusions (Google analytics, Google Console,…)
  • Associated Technical implementation supervision: Paid Ads, Newsletter, nurturing, automations
  • Supervising dependent departments: Sales Manager, SSMM Manager, Learn Management System (LMS) Manager, SEO Manager/Auditor

Hard Skills

  • We assume it is impossible to know about all the involved technology/software for the marketing implications like: SEO optimization, Copy, Paid Campaigns (Meta, GoogleAds,…), Mailing campaigns (Mailchimp, Active campaign…), Funnel Automations (Brevo,…), SSMM publishing… etc. However, the key skill required by the Marketing Manager is getting the above done by either:
  • Learning the required knowledge
  • Teaching the required knowledge to some other individual
  • Outsourcing the required tasks
  • Asking other teams/individuals to get things done.

Más información sobre esta oferta de empleo en Región de Murcia en la página de empleo del anuncio.

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